Who Are We


Oceania Film Co. is a team of passionate and skilled film makers who have worked in the industry for years
in a range of different positions, whether they be cinematography, sound, editing, production, directing,
acting, art direction or prop and costume design. Film is a team sport and while the ultimate vision usually
comes down to one person, the director, that vision cannot be realised without a greater team of artistic
professionals. Oceania Film Co. is proud of its ability to manage creative teams to see the ultimate vision of
each project come to life as closely to its original idea as possible.

Businesses don't thrive on video, they thrive on results. Video is the best way to track results based not only
on view count but on audience engagement and feedback. The Oceania Film Co. provides the best ways to
track the success rate of each different video you put out so you can see what works and what needs work.

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